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price transparency health plan payer MRF

Rate Explorer

price transparency health plan payer MRF

Rate Explorer is the only self-service platform that provides real-time exploration of contracted rates across all health plans, care delivery organizations, and services.

Massive Data & Insights

Fully self-service enabling real time data discovery across all price transparency data.

Payer MRF Sourced

Sourced and refreshed directly from the payer's machine readable files (MRFs)

Enriched for Ease of Use

Enriched with industry-trusted reference data to explore contracted rates by geographies, services, and taxonomies.

Get Started

Let’s talk about how Rate Explorer can empower your organization.

Health plan price transparency has posed a

significant big data challenge for the healthcare industry. Rate Explorer addresses this challenge with an

easy-to-use self-service experience, democratizing previously inaccessible contracted reimbursement rates.


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