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price transparency health plan payer MRF

We provide health plan negotiated rates between payers and care delivery organizations, sourced from payers and transformed for business insights.

price transparency health plan payer MRF
snowflake marketplace price transparency
snowflake marketplace price transparency

Snowflake Marketplace Users

Price Transparency Solutions

Protect your revenue, improve reimbursement, power your solutions, and make your services smarter with detailed and accurate contracted rates.

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Delivering price transparency data to your ecosystem, curated for your needs.

price transparency health plan payer MRF

Self service exploration of contracted rates across all payers, health plans, and care delivery organizations.

Practical Applications

Trillions of rows of data mean nothing if they aren't curated to remove the noise from phantom rates, duplication, and irrelevant billing codes. We have done the work for you, allowing you to focus on optimizing your bottom line.

Rate disparity across major payers for Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluations

Between the highest and lowest rates for a 45-min therapy session

Between the highest and lowest rates for Level 3 Est. Patient Office Visits

Customer Testimonial Price Transparency

“Our payer negotiations were approaching and we were in the dark, but with Payerset we were able to see the range of negotiated rates at our payers for Behavioral Health organizations like us. Payerset empowered us to develop the right strategy and gave us the confidence to get competitive rates for our high utilization services.”

Holistic women’s mental health therapy, counseling, and medication management.

- Shama Rathi, MD, Co-Founder

Empowering Industry

It’s our mission to lower the cost of healthcare in the U.S. through transparent and democratized pricing. Help create change with price transparency.

price transparency health plan payer MRF

Healthcare Providers

Protect your negotiated rates and leverage this data to strategically improve reimbursement.

Strategic Consulting

Help your customers with benchmarking, compliance, and strategic consulting services.

Technology Solutions

Integrate Payerset data into your existing software solutions to enhance their recommendations.

Get Started

Let’s talk about how price transparency data can empower your organization.

2 NPIs, 2 billing codes, 2 payers

There is a lot of noise in the price transparency space. That’s why we put the data where our mouth is.

Request 2 NPIs, 2 billing codes, and 2 payers that you are interested in and we will share the data with you for validation or check out our free sample data in the Snowflake Marketplace.


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